Kimberly-KirschnerKimberly Kershner

joe-moskalJoe Moskal

tiffany-moyerTiffany Moyer

Preston Luitweiler

Amy Walker

June Landis


Wendy-EarleWendy Earle

James (Preston) Luitweiler is a retired professional civil engineer with degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Drexel. He is a lifetime member of the American Water Works Association and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has been active in both professional organizations.

Maggie-WrightMaggie Wright

Born and raised in Lansdale, Amy now lives in Limerick with her incredibly supportive husband, Daniel, a teacher in the Spring-ford School District, and their endlessly energetic son, who loves attending Limerick Elementary.

Amy credits her family for her drive to make the world a better place. Both grandfathers served in World War II, one touring in the South Pacific and the other serving as a medic who also taught English to German prisoners of war.



Kathy Drennan

Kathleen has been an educator for more than thirty years, working with both regular education students and those with special needs. Currently, Kathleen is an administrator and works with special education teachers to improve their content delivery and differentiation of instruction. In her current role, she also coordinates state and federal programs, including assessments and Title I.

linda-weaverLinda Weaver

Linda has been a resident of the Spring-Ford community for 34 years, Linda has over 42 years experience as an educator in our public schools. She is the past president of the Mideastern Region of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) and served on the Board of directors for 13 years. Linda also facilitated the creation of a joint labor-management health care consortium in Montgomery and Bucks Counties that insured 28,000 people and saved taxpayers over $30 million since 2011.


diane-sullivanDiane Sullivan

Diane has been a resident of the Spring-Ford community since 1988. She was raised in a military family and received her nursing degree from Marymount University in Arlington, VA.

Diane spent her early years in hospital ICUs before becoming a Clinical Research Nurse. Over the following 36 years in clinical research, she gained experience in medical writing, team building, project development, and budgeting.

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2018-katie-muthKAITE MUTH

Katie = New Energy, Honest Leadership

Born and raised in Western PA, Katie comes from a family founded on hard work, perseverance and service to others. S


Joe Ciresi, a resident of Limerick with his wife and son, served as a Spring-Ford Area School Board director for 12 years.