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2018 Matt Bradford


State Rep. Matt Bradford represents the 70th Legislative District in central Montgomery County and is no stranger to the issues most affecting working families.

In fact, not only does Bradford understand the issues confronting our communities — as an attorney, activist, municipal official and now state representative — Bradford also has a proven record of fighting for the people of Montgomery County. Additionally, as a husband and father of four children, he knows that the decisions made in Harrisburg today have a real impact on our communities for years to come. That’s why Bradford has taken the lessons he has learned while serving his community with him to Harrisburg where he is fighting for his constituents in the state House.

Since being elected to the House, Bradford has built a reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder both locally and in Harrisburg.

Bradford resides in Worcester Township with his college sweetheart and wife, Renee, and their quickly growing family. Renee, having worked for an international trading company after graduating from Villanova University, is currently a full-time mom and is busy raising their four children: Katherine Sophia, or “Kate”; John Patrick, or “Jack”; Zachary Matthew; and William, or “Will.”

Website: https://mattbradford.org/
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